"The Charlotte Observer"
Packman reveals the secrets to a successful tailgating experience here, and don't miss this tribute written by Tom Sorensen.
"Business North Carolina"
See the informative article about Packman reprinted from the May 2006 issue.
"The Rhino Times"
Packman's latest "Southern Fried Sports Report".
(...Also, check out this article that Pack had once written for the Rhino Times, regarding the world of Southern Fried Football™!)
"Charlotte Magazine"
Packman has won this prestigious "BOB Award" from this influential local publication.
"Southern Sports Journal"
You can read Pack's contribution to the premiere edition of this hot new regional magazine.
"Charlotte Business Journal"
The business community takes notice of Packman's prolific promotional efforts in this article.
An audio clip highlights this archived feature on the N.C. State fan site.
"The Gaston Gazette"
An article about Packman's "Celebration of Basketball" night at The Hive.
"FHM Magazine"
The issue of September 2003 featured an article about "The 20 Best Places to be on Gameday"; naturally, they included Clemson's Esso Club, and displayed this photo that we took at one of our infamous tailgating parties there! (And cover model Tara Reid says...)
"Creative Loafing"
For seven consecutive years, Packman has won the "Best of Charlotte" award for his extremely popular radio show!

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